21 January 2021

Collins and Landsec have reduced tube travel to Dashwood, located in the centre of the City of London, by 64% in response to the CLC and UK Build’s plea to the industry to reduce travel at peak times.

Working closely with our client, we undertook an in-depth travel plan assessment at Dashwood, one of our largest City sites, and analysed existing travel data against the project programme. By tweaking the programme and managing current teams, we have been able to stagger start times across the site, where it has been possible to implement.

The action was in response to the warning from the CLC and UK Build that further restrictions could be imposed on the industry if site workers travel wasn't reduced between 5:45am - 8:15am and 4pm - 5:30pm.

Collins and Landsec started discussions on how to implement the plan within 24 hours of the announcement. The quick turnaround response was possible thanks to the ongoing capture of travel data we had implemented on site. Upon arrival at Dashwood, staff and visitors must provide data of how they have travelled to site. This data is recorded to analyse our carbon footprint from travel to our sites, which then allows us to make changes and encourage alternative travel routes where possible and necessary – like now.

It was also the cooperation of our supply chain that made this quick response possible. We organised communication of the plan across the site and everyone made a huge effort to re-evaluate their travel plans and create alternative routes to get to work.

The whole team has pulled together supporting the need to remain safe during these times and is testament to the great people we have on site. We are now rolling this out across our other 15 Central London sites.

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